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Presentations Development Policy: Hesse

Hesse is consciously facing up to the challenges of globalization and, in adopting its development policy guidelines, has committed itself to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 2030 and emphasized in its basic principles that development cooperation and human rights are inextricably linked.

The Hessian state government's guidelines on development cooperation state the principles that guide Hesse's development cooperation, clarify the focus of activities and explain the instruments used. The state government strengthens the diverse actors from Hesse in their international relations and provides support wherever the state government's commitment opens doors or makes private-sector measures and programs possible in the first place. Since its constitution in the fall of 2019, the "Development Policy Advisory Board of the Hessian State Government" has been providing active support. At the meeting on October 25, 2020, it came to a recommendation on the planned federal law on strengthening corporate due diligence to prevent human rights violations in global value chains (Due Diligence Act) to the Hessian state government.

Through its development cooperation, the state contributes to the promotion of trade and economic development, the protection of human rights, the safeguarding of peace and international understanding. In this way, Hesse contributes to the achievement of the development goals agreed upon by the United Nations.

Economic development is a necessary prerequisite for poverty reduction. Strengthening the private sector promotes growth, employment, workforce qualification and generates income. In its development policy cooperation, Hesse therefore focuses on projects that strengthen economic activity and make it easier for partners in developing countries to integrate into the world market. At the same time, this is a contribution to improving the framework conditions for private-sector involvement abroad in developing countries. In doing so, the state government works closely with Hessian development policy associations and organizations, especially with the Hessian Development Policy Network, as well as with the Hessian business community.

Funding is provided primarily for educational projects, the transfer of know-how and the strengthening of market economy structures - from self-help projects to qualification projects in international marketing.

This also includes the promotion of fair trade. On the one hand, this supports producers in developing countries; on the other hand, it opens up opportunities for citizens to contribute as consumers to a fair shaping of globalization. The state of Hesse promotes information work on development policy, globalization issues and education for sustainable development under the motto "co-responsibility in thought and action". This strengthens the understanding of global interrelationships and encourages cooperation with partners in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

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