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Presentations Development Policy: Brandenburg

Brandenburg's constitution clearly states the state's mission with regard to international cooperation, peace policy and human rights: The goal is to shape the state "as a living member of the Federal Republic of Germany in a unifying Europe and in One World."

Brandenburg sees development policy as a cross-cutting task that encompasses a wide variety of policy areas and actors. The framework for the state's commitment - both internally and externally - is provided by the United Nations' Agenda 2030 with its guiding principle of sustainable development. Furthermore, the resolution of the Conference of Minister Presidents of June 21, 2021 on development policy defines political priorities.

Concrete points of reference and priorities of Brandenburg for the "One World" are also set out in the development policy guidelines of the state government. The implementation of these guidelines into concrete action is accompanied by a Round Table Development Policy State of Brandenburg. At the invitation of the development policy network VENROB e.V. and the responsible ministry, civil society and the state government exchange views here every year. The round table is made up of representatives of civil society, associations, religious communities, administration and politics.

In Brandenburg, the focus of development policy engagement is on domestic work, especially in the field of education. The aim is to sensitize Brandenburg citizens to issues of sustainable development, to inform them about global interrelationships and to show them how they can become active themselves. To this end, the state government works with committed groups, initiatives and non-governmental organizations in the state. Brandenburg cooperates successfully with the federal level and other states in promoting the global engagement of local authorities and the "One World Promoter Program" directed at civil society.

Brandenburg's foreign-related activities include the development policy youth volunteer program "Youth for Development Cooperation." This gives young people from Brandenburg the opportunity to gain their own experience in the Global South through learning and working encounters.