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Presentations Development Policy: Brandenburg

Development policy as a cross-sectional task links different policy areas, actors and appropriately coordinated measures. The state government relies on committed groups and non-governmental organizations as well as on the state wide network VENROB.

The aim of this joint commitment is to raise awareness of sustainable development issues, to provide information about global interrelations and to highlight possible alternatives.

Within the state government, the Ministry of Finance and for Europe is in charge of issues regarding development policy.

As a result of a fruitful dialogue with stakeholders in Brandenburg, the state government's development policy guidelines were adopted on May 31, 2012. Implementation and further development are publicly accompanied by an annual round table on development policy in Brandenburg at the invitation of the association of non-governmental organizations and the ministry.

The state government sees its own measures and the work of the Round Table as a specific contribution of the state of Brandenburg to the concrete implementation of the joint responsibility for development policy of the federal government, the states and the municipalities.

With the development policy youth volunteer program "Youth for Development Cooperation", young people from Brandenburg are given the opportunity to recognize effects, connections and consequences of globalization within the framework of learning and working encounters in Africa, Asia or Latin America, to pass on their knowledge and experience after their return or to continue to work on the issues of life in the One World in corresponding initiatives.