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Presentations Development Policy: Hesse

Hessen is consciously facing up to the challenges of globalization and has committed itself to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations Agenda 2030 by adopting its guidelines on development cooperation. The guidelines of the Hessian state government state the principles that guide Hessen's development cooperation, clarify the focus of activities and explain the instruments used.

The state government supports development policy projects in Germany and abroad. Particular importance is attached to strengthening the civic commitment of the numerous actors from Hessen to sustainable development locally and in the Global South. Many of the activities of the associations, which often work on a voluntary basis, are only made possible by this.

The domestic projects are mostly educational projects. They provide information about global interrelationships and show concrete options for action for globally sustainable development. The One World Promoter program also provides alternatives for a sustainable society. One World Promoters advice and network civil society organizations and initiatives that are active in development policy. In Hessen, the program is coordinated by the Development Policy Network Hessen (EPN Hessen). The EPN Hessen is the umbrella organization of development policy organizations in Hessen.

The projects supported abroad cover a wide range, both geographically and in terms of content. Investment measures, such as the construction of school buildings, pilot plants for agricultural production or an orthopedic workshop are just as much a part of this as qualification measures, for example the promotion of vocational training.

Further information on selected examples of development cooperation in the state of Hessen can be found here.

As part of its cooperation with the federal government in development cooperation, the state of Hessen focuses on promoting vocational training in partner countries in the Global South. In the implementation of projects of the federal-state program in Ethiopia and India, the Hessian state office for advanced technology training contributed its expertise. In this context, the state government works closely with Hessian development policy associations and organizations.

Since its constitution in the fall of 2019, the state government has been advised by the "Advisory Council for Development Cooperation of the Hessian State Government" on the design of development policy activities. For example, in fall 2020, the body suggested recommendations on the planned federal law on strengthening corporate due diligence to prevent human rights violations in global supply chains (Supply Chain Due Diligence Act). The Hessian state government lobbied for the law at the Conference of Economics Ministers on November 25, 2020 and in the Bundesrat.

Project applications for the promotion of development policy engagement can be submitted to HA Hessen Agentur GmbH, further information can be found at