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Presentations Development Policy: Schleswig-Holstein

The state government of Schleswig-Holstein, in particular the Ministry for Energy Transition, Climate Protection, Environment and Nature (MEKUN), which is responsible for development cooperation, successfully supports the activities of development policy initiatives, including through an annual grant to the state network Bündnis Eine Welt (BEI) Schleswig-Holstein and development-related projects by non-governmental organisations through the proceeds of the state's own lottery "BINGO!". The state is also a cooperation partner and provides its share of the funding for specialist promoter positions as part of the BMZ's promoter programme. The state government works together with the BEI on a basis of trust in the nationwide development cooperation committees.

MEKUN also cooperates with the Service Agency Communities in One World/Engagement Global (primarily in the Global Sustainable Municipality project), with which a new agreement was concluded in 2020 that also includes a financial contribution from MEKUN. There is a signed agreement with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Northern Germany (Nordkirche) on cooperation on development cooperation and sustainability issues.

The Ministry's work in the field of development cooperation focuses on raising awareness among citizens in its own federal state. In addition to its original significance, development cooperation is also seen as a central element in the implementation of the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). On 1 June 2021, the Schleswig-Holstein state parliament adopted a state strategy for education for sustainable development in connection with the UNESCO Global Action Programme "Education for Sustainable Development (ESD)" and the National Action Plan, and an ESD office ( began its work in 2022. The educational mandate is supplemented by the Schleswig-Holstein Education Centre for Nature, Environment and Rural Areas and the local branch of the regional sustainability network of the Sustainability Council (RENN.nord-SH) - in particular through the nationwide joint project starting in 2022. Another building block of development cooperation work in the state and the implementation of SDGs in the areas of sustainable and fair procurement is the Ministry's Competence Centre for Sustainable Procurement and Contracting (KNBV), which was launched in 2020 and will continue its work until 2030. The KNBV supports all state agencies and municipalities in converting their procurement to sustainable and fair products.

By becoming a member of the Forum Nachhaltiger Kakao e. V., the ministry wants to set an example for responsible behaviour in the state's food industry. Discussions with the local confectionery industry have led to several new memberships in the forum.

The Ministry of General and Vocational Education, Science, Research and Culture (MBWFK) supports global learning and the learning of development policy contexts, as can be seen from the new subject requirements, particularly for the subject of geography. The schools in the Schleswig-Holstein initiative "Zukunftsschule.SH" are particularly active in this area. More than 220 schools are currently involved in this area (see At a major ESD conference in February 2020, a joint event organised by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of the Environment, Christian Albrechts University and the Leibnitz Institute for Science and Mathematics Education, the Institute for Quality Development in Schools in Schleswig-Holstein and the Education Centre for Nature, Environment and Rural Areas, more than 500 pupils and teachers discussed issues such as global learning and many other global challenges. Global learning is also a key topic for the UNESCO project schools. Under the leadership of the German schools, the UNESCO Baltic Sea Project network organised an international digital camp on the topic of global citizenship education in May 2021 under the title "Digital Aaroe". Since February 2021, the Ministry of Education has been funding online educational events on global learning at schools in Schleswig-Holstein. These events highlight global connections and help students to critically reflect on their own actions.